Research documents
Liquidity Effect or Anticipated Inflation Dominance? Empirical Evidence for Guatemala
A Basic Model of Monetary Policy for Guatemala
Estimation and Evaluation of Alternative Models for Inflation Prognosis in Guatemala
Inflation forecasts with arima and vector autoregressive models in Guatemala
Accommodating monetary policy and the liquidity effect
Guatemala: Banking Technology and its Characteristics. A Scale Economies Model
The Role of Monetary Policy in an Optimal Currency Area (Central American Case)
Type of Real Exchange for Balance in Guatemala
Operational Framework Under the New Law of the Central Bank
"Alternative Methods of Underlying Inflation Estimation: Empiric Application for Guatemala"
"Competing monies in Guatemala: What should we expect?"
Economic-Financial Macrotendencies: Central Bank Adapting to a Changing Environment
"Modeling the effects for the Law for Free Trade of Foreign Currency"