Banco de Guatemala

As of September 15, 1821, the old provinces that integrated the Kingdom of Guatemala were free of the dominion of the Spanish Crown. In spite of this, the governmental regime did not suffer alterations due to the permanence of the same authorities and public officials exercising their respective positions, with the condition of working for the new independent country. The economic crisis after the independence obligated the recently independent states to accept the proposal of the empire of Agustín de Iturbide of becoming part of Mexico, which is accepted by the Governmental Board of Guatemala headed by Gabino Gainza, confirming it on January 5, 1822 before the opposition of San Salvador. The fall of Iturbide represented a triumph in recovering the independence of the Central American Federation, declaring, through Decree of July 1, 1823, their absolute independence not only from Spain and Mexico, but of any other nation that would want to govern them, taking, as of that moment the name of United Provinces of Central America, integrated by Guatemala, San Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The first coins of the Federation were minted in 1824, authorizing only the Currency House of Guatemala to produce the pieces that would circulate within the federation on April 19 of that same year.



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